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2015.09.29 - Hello World

Static websites are dead? Long live static websites.

This website was made with a static website generator as opposed to a CMS (content management system) like Wordpress. This means that rather than using a user interface to create and upload content, I typed out my content in text files, place them in the correct folders and then the final website is generated. "Why would anyone bother doing this though?" you might scream. There are a lot of good reasons to use a CMS: you have a user interface; you can use other people's themes instead of designing the website yourself; there are loads of plug-ins; it can be easy to manage comment systems.

However, depending the situation, there are also some pretty good reasons to make a static site. A static site gives you complete control over all content and pages can be much faster to load. With disregard for any of this though, I decided to make a static site because it's fun and challenging. It encouraged me to brush up on HTML and CSS, and think about responsive and adaptive web design. All of this site was coded from scratch which gives me control over everything. This also means it can be version controlled with Git, and hosted on Github Pages for free. If it becomes too large, I can move media content or everything to a webhost.

The best list of static website generators can be found on staticgen. There are hundreds to choose from, and I did try quite a few of them. I was particularly interested in the python based ones, because python is awesome. The more I looked at the more basic ones though, the more I thought, why don't I do that? And so over the next week (or so), I came up with the idea for !!Bang!!, my own text processor and static website generator, with its own simple markup language and a scripting language interpreted by python. I'll be using !!Bang!! to manage all this site's content in the future.

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