Joshua Deakin


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2015.10.28 - Hypercube animation demo

Experimental CSS animation explained

Below is an experimental CSS animation. It might not display properly on all browsers or devices, but should work in modern browsers.

CSS animation is primarily used for simple transitions, but I wanted to see how it could be used to animate something more complex. Each line of the hypercube is a HTML div that has been translated and rotated in CSS. All the translations and sizing are done by percentage in relation to a container div so that so that everything can be scaled to the parent container. The length of the lines is determined by the padding-right attribute, and the rotation pivot has been moved to the left to allow for this.

CSS animation can be used as an alternative to a GIF image, which could save bandwidth. However, even this relatively small demo uses 32 divs in the HTML not including the container div. Even something as small as this is pretty poor in terms of keeping html clean, which is very bad for accessibility. If a person is visually impaired, they may be using a screen reader, and messy html like this can present a problem for them. This is just a small experimental visual demo though, and wouldn't (or at least shouldn't!) really be used elsewhere.

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