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2017.05.27 - Vim A-Z

General overview of the vi(m) language.

Have been learning a bit of vim to help format text quickly. Whether this replaces my editor at work is tbc but had become my defacto at home. Note that keys have multiple meanings depending on modifiers and mode, this is just a general overview.

A to Z
a - append
b - back
c - change
d - delete
e - end
f - find
g - goto
h - left
i - insert
j - down
k - up
l - right
m - mark
n - next
o - open down
p - paste
q - record
r - replace
s - substitute
t - to
u - undo
v - visual
w - word
x - delete
y - yank
z - fold

Language structure:

Where: - Count is an optional number (implicitly one), - Verb is an action to take, - Noun is a text object. - A noun with no verb often acts as an implicit motion.

This simple language becomes really powerful once new text objects are defined!

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